Online development assessment assists the applicant to:

Electronic lodgement of development applications is supported by a growing number of councils (as assessment managers).

Before you start

Make sure you have the correct software tools

To use eDA, you will need:

Account options

Forgotten username and resetting passwords

Reset your password by entering your email address. Your new password will be emailed to you.

Removing registered users

Registered users within an organisation can be removed from the system by the administrator via the Manage organisation tab. It is recommended that all applications are re-assigned before removing a user who has left the organisation or changed roles.

Cancelling your account

If you are the administrator within the organisation or a single user and you want to cancel your account, we will need to remove you from the system.

To cancel your account, complete the feedback form.

Further information

For further help with online development aqpplications, please contact the help desk.

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