General Purpose Financial Statements and Annual Reports


This bulletin is to remind councils of the legislative deadlines for General Purpose Financial Statements and Annual Reports. Suggestions for improving the timeliness and quality of financial statements, which were discussed at the 2013 and 2014 “Tropical” information sessions, are also presented. In addition, links to a number of useful resources have been provided.

Legislative Requirements

Under the Local Government Act 2009, Local Government Regulation 2012, City of Brisbane Act 2010 and the City of Brisbane Regulation 2012 (the Acts) all councils are required to prepare:

Extensions of time

The Minister can, in extraordinary circumstances, extend the timeframes for the preparation and audit of general purpose financial statements.

Extraordinary circumstances could include the impact of natural disasters or a significant systems failure which causes a major loss or interruption to critical data. Poor planning and/or failure to appropriately resource what is a statutory obligation should not be used as the excuse for an extension of time.

The Minister can also extend the time for adoption of the annual report.

Any application for an extension of time will need to be in writing from the Mayor and the Chief Executive Officer.

Suggestions for the timely completion of general purpose financial statements, the audit process and annual reports

The following points are a summary of the suggestions that were discussed at the “Tropical” information sessions held in both 2014 and 2013. While some councils are already following these processes, it may be helpful to revisit this list each year.

Useful Resources - General Purpose Financial Statements

The following resources, prepared by the Department, are designed to assist councils meet the legislative requirements for general purpose financial statements.

Annual Report Content and Publication

Councils are reminded that council's annual report:

Please ensure all documents are presented in the right order - i.e. signed certificate with corresponding document.

The Department has produced an annual report checklist to assist councils meet their requirements in this regard.


The general purpose financial statements and annual report requirements are contained in:

Further information

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