Meadowbrook is home to key health and education services including the Logan Hospital, the Logan campus of Griffith University and the Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE. The area supports a range of retail, commercial and industrial uses that contribute to the local and regional economy. There is excellent opportunity for Meadowbrook to establish itself as a vibrant centre with strong synergies between its health and education services. Meadowbrook's strategic location and provision of specialist services provide great potential for the area to become a significant transit oriented development within the Brisbane to Gold Coast transport corridor.

The department has funded the development of a structure plan and economic development strategy to guide the future development of the area. This work has identified a range of potential constraints and opportunities for the future development of the Meadowbrook precinct.

The structure plan addresses the physical constraints of the study area and provides a coordinate framework for the development of key catalyst sites. It also provides a land-use framework that supports the economic development strategies for four priorities:

Meadowbrook's competitive advantage lies in the co-location and clustering of complementary health and education services which will act as a key economic driver for the area. Over the next 20 years the centre can expand to become a multifaceted centre offering a range of knowledge based services and jobs that support existing industrial and employment activities.

The Meadowbrook Economic Development Strategy & Structure Plan (PDF icon 7.4 MB) identifies several development scenarios which demonstrate how the development of catalyst sites (hospital, TAFE and university) will influence the development of other prime and underutilised sites.

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