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Details of development/area/planning instrument 170 Brompton Road, 113, 166, 170, 257, 266 Ross Road and 390 Levitt Road, Upper Kedron. The development application seeks a preliminary approval to vary the effect of the planning scheme for an MCU (residential uses, centre activities and open space environmental purposes), a preliminary approval for building work, preliminary approval for operational work and a development permit for the reconfiguring of a lot (361 lots in 2 stages).
Recipient of ministerial direction Concurrence agency
Reference number 5
Relevant state interest *State transport infrastructure
Date of notice on direction 28 November 2014
Minister providing direction Jeff Seeney MP, Deputy Premier, Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning
Direction Amend concurrence agency response dated 13 November 2014 addressed to Brisbane City Council.
Reasons for giving direction There were three concurrence agency jurisdictions for the development application. The relevant concurrence agency jurisdiction for present purposes is that provided for in item 2 of Table 3 in Schedule 7 to the SPR. This makes the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning the concurrence agency for development impacting on State transport infrastructure, in certain specified circumstances, with a concurrence agency jurisdiction of the purpose of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009.
It is considered that this concurrence agency jurisdiction is confined to the purpose of SPA in so far as that purpose relates to development impacting on State transport infrastructure.
State transport infrastructure is defined in the State Planning Policy of July 2014 as any of the following:
  • A State controlled road
  • Busway transport infrastructure
  • Light rail transport infrastructure
  • Railway transport infrastructure
  • Other rail infrastructure
  • Active transport infrastructure.